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About Me

My name is Rob Martel and I am a Professional Certified
Life Coach and Founder of Coaching Excellence International.

The coaching relationship is important to me and the process is a unique one in that it is focussed solely on you, the client. However, like any relationship, in order for us to grow together, you must know a little bit about me as well. I would like to take the time to give you some insight about me, so when we get started our time will be based all on you and making the changes you want in your life.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree along with two College Diplomas. I have worked in law enforcement for 14+ years and have extensive training in dealing with many difficult and stressful situations. In my career, I have been able to successfully assist people when dealing with stress management, healthy living, breaking habits, leadership skills, conquering fears, building stronger relationships, and much more. My passion has always been helping people be their best. With my extensive and continuing training within law enforcement and my education and experience as a coach I can be confident in stating I can help people in a very effective and efficient way.

I am married to the love of my life and my family is the absolute most important thing to me.

Growing up I was an avid baseball, basketball and football player. I continue to stay involved in these sports by either coaching or officiating today. I have also become extremely obsessed with golf even though it gets the better of me every time.

I am extremely passionate about helping others and have dedicated my life in doing so. I am compassionate, loyal and passionate leader who possesses an extraordinary desire to effect change and assist people in making their happiness a reality. I am very respectful but not afraid to ask the tough questions, and I can definitely hold others accountable.

Now, I definitely do not want to bore you, however, I think it is important to share with you what brought me here; to coaching. In my journey of life I have fallen many times and recently thought I would never get back up. My health deteriorated and left me off of work more then I was attending. I felt myself falling into a depression with no light at the end of the tunnel. I realized that change is the hardest thing to accomplish in life. Without making this sound too cheesy, it was at that time I found life coaching, which has truly changed my life forever. After working with a life coach and sorting out the many demons within myself, I was able to get back on track and decided that if life coaching could help me, then maybe it is a useful tool for others to gain control of their lives as well. It was then that I began my training to become a professional Life Coach with Marianna Lead, from Goal Imagery Institute.


Since then, I have started Coaching Excellence International and have begun to effect change in many lives around the globe.


While I take what I do with my clients seriously, making the process fun and enjoyable is just as important to me. If you do not like to smile or laugh, then I am definitely not the right coach for you! I always want my clients to be excited and to look forward to our meetings because they know that they will have a great time moving towards wherever they want to be.