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Why coaching?
  • Science has proven that through the process used in coaching one can make positive change in their brain that will create change that lasts longer.
  • Professional coaching creates a lasting and effective professional relationship with someone that will provide support and a reasonable idea toward managing your goals and dreams.
  • Coaching has been proven to work. The vast majority of successful businesses’ around the globe choose to use coaching because of its return on investment. Celebrities, athletes, the President of the United States, CEO’s and many more people and companies choose coaching to assist them in the drive to be successful.
  • Coaching will leave you richly rewarded as you move toward your vision.
What can a coach help with?
  • Being Happy – Set realistic goals for yourself and figure out how to align your values with your life.
  • Making Change – Assist with breaking habits and getting over fears:
    • Transition to a new job
    • Get a promotion
    • Be more creative
    • Be a more successful athlete, musician, or professional
  • Relationships – Build stronger relationships in your life both professionally and personally.
  • Find Balance – Be calm and find exactly where you want to be in your own world.
  • Accomplishing Goals – Fulfill your potential and overcome any roadblocks while accomplishing goals you set for yourself.
What do you specialize in?
  • I specialize in helping people just like you overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams.
  • Unlike any other coach out there I specialize in dealing with emergency service workers (police, fire, EMS, call takers/dispatchers, military). Being in the field for over 14 years I realize that not many people get the world we live in, thus I can provide inside knowledge unlike anyone else. Contact me to find out more about my 9-1-1 rates.
What do I have to do?
  • Coaching can take place over the phone, face-to-face, over the Internet or in some circumstances in groups. Sessions range between 45-60 minutes. I ask that my clients join each session on time, motivated and ready for success.
How many sessions will it take?
  • The average client commits from one (1) to three (3) months of coaching in order to see sustainable change, however, each client and each goal is different and therefore the time spent with a coach is on a person-to-person basis.
  • Unlike a lot of other coaches I do not push for long over drawn contracts. I push for quick and rapid results and aim to provide the client with the tools they need to be successful moving forward even after we have completed are sessions together.
  • Knowing that each person is different and may require different needs, I customize a package just for you.
What happens if I don’t like coaching after the first session?
  • I will provide a full refund including the first session with no hard feelings.
What happens if we finish before we use all of the Life Coach sessions?

If you get the results you desire before all sessions are completed (which happens frequently) then there are a few different options;

  • You can carry the sessions over to a future time (what most people do)
  • You can receive a refund on a pro rated basis
  • You can sign them over to someone you know (some rules may apply), or
  • You can donate them to someone who can not afford coaching
How often should I have sessions?
  • I am flexible to my clients needs and respect that they have other life commitments. Most clients choose once a week or bi-weekly, but often require less frequency, as they approach their goals.
  • Some people come to sessions with a direct and time sensitive goal, which would require them more frequent sessions.
  • There is a schedule that fits your life, we can arrange to make that happen!
How do I pay?
  • Payment can be made two ways:
    • Via cheque (must be paid two weeks in advance of first session), or
    • Via Paypal, money can be sent to rob@coachingexcellenceint.com
Do you offer any deals?
  • Occasionally I do run specials.
  • I also have a custom program that I run for people who cannot afford coaching. Please contact me for further details.
  • To my existing clients, if you recommend someone who signs up for one of my packages then you receive one (1) free coaching session.
Do you do group coaching?
  • I enjoy working with groups and customize specific programs perfect for your group’s goals.
Do you do public speaking?
  • Public speaking is a large component of my business. When booking engagements, I will always customize to meet the needs of the audience. A minimum of two weeks notice is required due to preparation time. Please contact me me for further details.
Is there a code of ethics for coaches?

I strictly adhere to the International Coach Federation’s code of ethics which can be viewed at: