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Rob is truly a gifted Life Coach. His wisdom and intuition provides me with a coaching experience where I am able to get straight to the heart of the matter. I always leave our sessions with a greater sense of clarity and purpose. I look forward to our coaching sessions together, because I know I will obtain maximum value from him. Rob always helps me move forward by helping me identify and create a strategy to move past any roadblocks that are hindering me from achieving my goals. I know you will benefit from Rob’s masterful coaching!

Carla H.

Rob is an exceptional coach.  Rob’s professional and effective coaching style helps clients to maximize their progress.  I have been a client of his for over a year and his coaching has greatly contributed to the last year being one of the most productive of my life. By helping people to dive deeper and think harder, Rob makes sure clients exhausts options available to them, allowing for new insights, and consequently ensuring you make the best decision.  Also, his respectful but direct approach helps to keep you accountable, pushing you forward when you might be inclined to take a break.  Rob will help you get the best out of your life.  Every session has been of tremendous value to me.

Dave S.

I went to see Rob for assisting in helping me through a very overwhelming time in my life. I run a family business that was feeling the economic downturn in a large way. To top it off I am a single Mom and I had a child at home that was unwell. Rob had come highly recommended, so I went to see him in January of this year to help me to gain back some balance in my life. Rob has helped me to change my life, through assisting me to have a clear picture of what I need to focus and work on, along with keeping my end goals in sight. He gave me tools that I continue to use long after our sessions have been completed. Rob is extremely flexible with our session times, which was a must for me given my business travel schedule and single mom status. Now, to top it off, 5 months later, our business has been revitalized, which I attribute a large component of this to Rob’s ability to assist me in making some difficult decision. This allowed us to reinvent our picture. I can’t say enough about his “tell it like it is” yet compassionate sessions. You won’t be disappointed!

Theresa S.

Rob helped me with bringing some goals I was struggling to attain into fruition. Through his guidance I was able to put put into motion a plan that I knew I could stick with. I hit a few bumps along the way but through Rob’s methods I was able to get back on track to meet the goals I had set in place. I have learned how to utilize my own power within to my own benefit. Through my experience with Rob over the last 6 months I have improved my quality of life as well as my relationships with my children and grandchildren. As a caregiver, I was burning out and have found ways to help myself deal with the every day pressures of looking after my husband. I am more relaxed and am able to enjoy the “little things in life” without stressing about what tomorrow will bring.

Martha T.

Rob has definitely aided me in turning my life around. In 2015, I was in a time of great transition in my life. When a friend of mine suggested contacting a life coach to guide some of my decisions, I was skeptical. After just one session with Rob though, I had a whole new sense of purpose and direction. Our bi-weekly meetings never fail to keep me focused and on track. Through his unique insight of situations and his guidance, I am always able to overcome any roadblock that I encounter through my journey. He never forces me into any decisions or viewpoints, but rather guides me into coming to a solution that I am comfortable with. My entire life has improved over the past six months and I have Rob to thank for that. Thank you, Rob!

Maddy L.

I hired Rob during the summer of 2016 to assist me with attaining some professional goals that I had in place, that I was struggling to meet. Since our first session I have reached 2 of my 3 business goals, with the third one in motion. I have also started the journey down the road for several personal items I would like to improve upon. Rob and I met weekly at first, and now meet twice a month via Skype. Rob’s ability to ask the right questions for those light bulb moments is uncanny. Rob came highly recommended as an asset in helping me to meet my goals, and he did not disappoint.

Eric W.